What options are there?

Studio $129,990 delivered, turnkey ready.

One bedroom $149,990 delivered, turnkey ready, with 4 options available.

Two bedroom $149,990 delivered, turnkey ready, with 2 options available.

Price includes a five-year warranty (plus 24 months warranty on all appliances). Price is turn-key (3metre build appliances additional) and also includes transit. Read more on the tiny homes.

What does turn-key mean?

‘Turn-key’ means everything you need to move in and start living including your appliances. Just bring your personal creature comforts.

Note: our 3m wide homes are not turnkey, but we can assist you with trade prices on the appliances (fridge/freezer, TV, washer).

What is Code of Compliance?

From 1st October 2019 all NZ Tiny Home builds are built to Code of Compliance and lodged with the council. It is then up to each client to do their own due-diligence with regards to applying for resource content in their local territory.

Where do you deliver to?

Currently our homes are delivered all over the North Island. NZ Tiny Homes Mainland our licensed partner is building and delivering across the South Island.

How are they delivered?

The homes are transported on a low deck truck to site and manoeuvred into place by a ute. They are not able to be towed on the road.

Site preparation

It is the responsibility of each client to prep their site ready for the tiny home to be placed. This may include speaking to your local council about what is required – piles, anchored tie-points etc

Other things that may be required are craning the home into position, this will require lifting points to be built into the base of the home.

How long do they take to build?

This depends on our build schedule (number of homes on order) but once building commences the turnaround time is very fast – usually within eight weeks.

What is the structure of the home?

Our Tiny Homes are built on a sturdy industrial trailer which easily holds the steel joinery framing. The Lightweight wood/bamboo interior lining together with wood-look floor panelling finish the homes off beautifully, while the exterior wooden cladding and roofing are built to withstand NZs harsh climate.

Are they insulated?

Yes, our Tiny Homes are fully insulated (floor, walls, ceiling) along with double glazed windows to provide warmth and quiet. Our architect will insulate in accordance with the area of the delivery, factoring wind zones, alpine areas and sea spray.

Off grid living or residental services?

Our tiny homes are made for off-grid living or can easily connect to residential services (plumbing, power, sewage). We have several options available depending on your needs.

Water supply:

On-grid – Connect directly to your mains water supply.

Off-grid – Rainwater collection to holding tank/s, pump supplied for water pressure. We recommend www.thinkwater.co.nz for the supply of a 1000 litre rainwater collection tank with a water pressure pump included. The cost of the purchase and installation is approximately $2,500. This is additional to the purchase price of the home. The tank is placed beside the home at the rear close to the connected spout.


On-grid – Connect directly to mains sewage or septic tank system, flush toilet installed.

Off-grid – Grey water to your sites irrigation system or drainage system, composting toilet installed https://natureshead.net/.

Power options:

On-grid – Connect to existing power source. You will require a 32amp lead to power your home. You will need an electrician to install the correct connection at your home to power it. Our preference is to hardwire the house.

Off-grid – Solar packages available at request at additional cost, allow approximately $12-15,000. A secondary backup power source / generator dependent on capacity size is recommended when batteries are charging. A generator cost is approximately $400.

You will require a small separate shed to house the components of the solar and your generator.

How does gas benefit tiny house living?

A gas infinity unit is supplied with a connection for gas bottles, client to decide gas bottle size.

The gas infinity will provide instant hot water and power your gas hob oven. A carbon monoxide alarm is installed to monitor gas levels.

A gas oven is more efficient of your energy supply.

Options for heating?

NZ Tiny Homes are very warm – however, we can discuss a variety of different heating options from heat pumps to radiant heating to suit your needs.

What is included in the fixtures and fittings?

NZ Tiny Homes are customised with soft closing cabinetry. The cabinetry, fixtures and fittings are designed to maximise space while providing storage options, comfort, style and an aesthetic that is synonymous with NZ Tiny Homes.

Bathroom – full shower, toilet, wall vanity with mirrored door and shelves inside. The floor vanity is designed to fit a washing machine (or washer/dryer). It features a stone bench top and free standing ceramic basin and tap ware. An external wall fan is fitted along with a large lead light opening feature window.

Main Bedroom – double or queen size custom base with luxury mattress. The base has soft close clothing drawers down one side and shoe cabinet on the other plus storage throughout the centre. The bedroom is fitted with two bedside cabinets and a stunning full wall length wardrobe, with shelves and drawers, offering ample storage. A wall TV can be fitted along with a selection of pendant and bedside lighting.

Kitchen- full cabinetry gas hob and oven, range hood, butlers basin, tap ware.